Inventors Jen And Karl

Having fun doing a mock-up of American Gothic

Seeding Square inventors, Karl and Jen, wanted to teach their kids how to grow vegetables. Not having done it themselves they grew a lot of weeds their first year. The second year they went to buy a tool to help properly space their seeds so they could better identify a weed vs. a veggie. They also wanted something that would optimize their space as their garden was quite small. They were told that what they were looking for didn't exist. So Karl and Jen said, "challenge accepted" and off they went to research seed spacing, where they discovered the world of Square Foot Gardening. Now armed with proper spacing knowledge, they got to work making seed spacing templates that worked better than expected. Those templates worked so well in fact that they ended up with over 5 times the harvest of the first year AND discovered that their space optimization approach left almost no room for pesky weeds! Not to mention, it was a total hit with their kids! Friends, family, and neighbors kept asking to borrow their "magical" gardening templates. Of course, our dynamic duo saw an opportunity and reworked their templates into one single colour-coded unit. They went crowd-funding to bring their product to the world and the rest, as they say, is history.

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