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Seed Planting Template for Maximum

A Good Idea, Well Executed

By Heather Oberg 2015- We have used it for a couple weeks and are really happy with what it does. I already have radishes coming up and you can see them in a clear pattern, everything else is weeds. Using the pattern stretches the seeds and it is fun to mix thing up with fast maturing and slower maturing plants. You could have some fun designing your own checkerboard garden. This is a great tool, and works as easy as advertised.

New Tool - by Karen 2015

I bought this for my Son-in-law who knows nothing about gardens but started one this year. He was having his birthday party and stopped everything to open and read directions. I think next year’s garden is going to go much smoother and this will let the kids join in to help plant. I think it will be used a lot starting next year.

Amazing Product

By Chip Collins 2016 - An amazing product. My birthday is coming up and all I wanted was two Seeding Squares. I'm planning to put them next to each other and just leap frogging one over the next so I can plant even faster. I just opened up my shipment because I couldn't wait until my birthday. These Seeding Squares are everything I hoped they would be! I can't wait to start using them in all of my gardens. I know I'll be spreading the word about your product!

Fantastic - By jw408 2016 - I love this thing!! I expected to like it and hoped it would help make my planting more efficient... but it's made my planting SO much more efficient. The planting itself went really quickly and took the guesswork out of it (I'm a fairly new gardener) and I wound up with the straightest rows I've ever had, with no need to thin my plants as they came up. Cute and efficient. Great purchase.

Seed Planting Template

Absolutely Incredible Gardening Tool!

By Barefoot In NCon 2016 - This is absolutely perfect for an experienced or the novice gardener, like myself! I am a first time gardener and have this strong need to do everything *perfectly*. I meticulously drew my plans and gave considerable thought to placement. I have (2) 4x8 raised beds and decided on Square Foot Gardening to maximize yield and diversity. This tool took out ALL of the guesswork and it was actually fun using this with my teenaged son and toddler boy helping out! I cannot imagine ever planting a garden without one of these as a guide. What an incredible tool!

Works Great! – By Jack 2015 - As a square foot gardener, this planting square and it's small tools works great and makes seeding your beds fast and easy. Well worth the money.


By rmson 2016 - This is going to be a lifesaver in my boulevard raised bed and straw ball gardens. No more having to figure out the planting area. All the options are available. Also includes some extra tools that help to save time. Also great instructions. This is a MUST HAVE for any straw bale, raised bed or square foot gardener. I don't ever want to be without this again!

Right on target – By Bill 2015 - As a square foot gardener since forever, what a perfect way to get squared up in the garden. Fast, efficient, damn clever. It's the better mousetrap when you weren't looking for one!

A MUST have! - By Robert K 2015 - Every once in a blue you buy something that makes you giddy with excitement. Seeding Square is one of those things. I can't rave enough!

I was really amazed at the superior quality of the square

By AMon 2016 - I searched high and low for hand seed planters on Amazon to make planting seeds easier, but could not find one with high enough ratings for me to consider. When I discovered the square and its high ratings, I knew I landed on a gold mine.I must admit, when I first saw this square, I was hesitant to purchase it in fear of owning another "gadget" that I would not use again in the future. However, after it arrived today, I was convinced that this would be a keepsake in my family that I could hand down to grandchildren!Firstly, I was really amazed at the superior quality of the square. The plastic is not flimsy and I loved the crystal-clear colored markings!Secondly, earlier this month, I decided to plant a fall garden and had to use a see-through ruler, the spacing instructions on each packet, plus "guess-timation" to figure out where to plant the seeds. This was so laborious and time-consuming! I will never have to go through this again because the square along with the well-laid out instructions will take all the guess work out of planting seeds. It's worth every dime I paid for it!


By Joeline 2015 - I am impressed with the quality. I am always planting things too close together. My grandson always wants to "harvest" my garden when he comes to visit. I think the bright colors and easy planting guide will make it so much fun for them (with Mom's help).

Great gardening tool – By Shane 2015 - This is a very handy tool for anyone with a home garden. Takes a lot of the guess work out of how far apart to plant different plants. Plus my kids enjoyed helping me with it.

Life made easier – By Rebecca 2015 - Just started using raised garden beds, and this has made planning and planting so much easier and quicker.

Five Stars - By Amazon Customer 2016 - love it! Great way to maximize space!

Great Product and well made!

By L. Atkins 2015 - I'm a Square Foot Gardening instructor and I LOVE this product! I have six Square Foot Gardens and what a great little tool!! So easy to utilize, well made and comes with instructions and a planting guide also. I highly recommend this product!!

Genius – By Leon 2015 - A remarkably simple and effective tool for planting. If you are a fan of Square Foot Gardening, you know Mel B. would approve. We use it in our raised beds. Highly recommended.

Purchase that should last many years - By Amazon Customer 2016 - Excellent for beginners or veterans. Garden looks like it has some sort of order to it. I'm in a co-op and asked often if the Seeding Square can be borrowed.

It’s a great product especially if you use the Square Foot Gardening method

By SFG4U 2015 - As a Square Foot Gardening (SFG) Certified Instructor I can tell you that this will be coming with me to all the classes I teach. It's fun to use and very sturdy. If something green pops up where it's not supposed to, we instantly know that it's a weed without having to wait until it gets big enough to identify. Since there's no "handle" sticking up it's easier to store than other similar seed spacing products - plus it takes only one product and not three for the different spacing distances. The little funnel and the wand (dibble) with a spoon on the end of it make it easier for my grand kids to help me in the garden. It's a well-designed and thought-out product, and it's just plain fun!

Great for those who are chaotic gardeners - By Jana Kolpenon 2016 - For the first time I have my seeds and plants spaced correctly. This is a very useful gadget.

Perfect for kids and classrooms!

By Some Guy 2015 - Perfect for kids and classrooms. Innovative design. Durable. Easy to understand instructions and Easy to use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Amazing Product! – By MSWILLIS5 2015 - This company has produced an excellent gardening product to help with spacing plants and seeds.

Really easy to use - By Laurie D. Inskeepon 2016 - Used this product just last week. It is exactly as advertised. It was very helpful to me since this was the first garden I planted. Would recommend this product

Five Stars - By The Emerald Wizard 2016 - life was just made easier with this time saving device!

Garden is Growing and Daisy Scouts are Excited

By Lynne Ober 2015 - I love to garden and this year I wanted to involve some of the neighborhood kids. So, I purchased a Seeding Square and hoped for the best. Now I'm delighted and so are the kids who are helping me. It’s a foolproof system that guided [us] through each gardening step. All they had to do was follow the color-coded template to plant a well-organized square-foot grid. We chose the seeds we wanted to grow and then found the corresponding color holes, so our seeds were perfectly spaced. A pre-marked depth wand helped us plant at precisely the right depth, too. A seeding spoon and funnel allowed us to easily handle the seeds and get them planted. Now our plants are growing in a pleasing grid formation, which also makes weeds very easy to spot. This product helped us optimize every inch of space, so we have more planted. This simple system is great for urban gardeners with limited space, gardening with kids, or any first-time gardeners who need a little help. Now they are so excited to know that they will each have some fresh veggies to take home and eat. Hopefully this will start them on a healthy eating track.

seeding-square Planting

The included instructions were great and made it a breeze

By Myra Non 2016 - We have been square foot gardening for quite a few years. We used the Seeding Square today to plant seeds and all I can say OMG where has this been!? We were able to plant multiple beds in a fraction of the time compared to the "old" way of laying out a grid and then trying to place seeds correctly. The included instructions were great and made it a breeze.

Brilliant and then some! by Annette59 2016 - This tool makes planting a vegetable garden incredibly easy! I wish it had been around 30 years ago!